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Not Receiving Emails

It can be inconvenient when someone does not receive an email sent by you. Emails users send through ServeManager have a 99% deliver-ability rate, but sometimes land in a folder that someone may not be used to checking. Email clients have a variety of different ways to filter emails, much of this is out of our hands. But this guide will provide some guidance on how to find those errant emails.

Searching Email Folders

Sometimes an email client may filter an email sent by ServeManager into a folder different than your typical inbox folder. These emails may fall into a promotion, update, or even spam folder. If an email cannot be found in the traditional inbox folder, it may be worthwhile to search those other folders. Since every email ServeManager sends out comes from the email address: [email protected]; you can search all of your inboxes for emails sent by that address. This way you can find where your email client filtered those emails, and you can change the settings in your email client to deliver those emails to your desired folder.

Spam Filters

While ServeManager does boast a 99% deliver-ability rate, a spam filter may flag emails that come from a centralized sender. In those cases where a spam filter may block the deliver-ability of emails, or prevent users from opening up those emails, you will need to add to your allow list our centralized sender email address ([email protected]) as well as the static ip address:

We are able to check if emails sent through ServeManager are reaching their destination. You can contact us if you have any questions about ServeManager’s emails.

  • Updated May 16, 2022

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