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Create a job

We create a job from scratch; explaining the workflow as well as a few shortcuts.

Record a service attempt

Record your service attempts, and choose whether to send clients an email notification.

Create an affidavit

The job, court case and service attempts appear on the affidavit. Make edits or change the template, then save, print or email.

Mobile site & GPS data

Capture GPS data while making service attempts in the field on your smartphone or tablet.

Invoice your client

Edit and issue an invoice. Print or email it to your client. Apply a payment to the invoice.

Companies menu (CRM)

Save the companies you work with, and their contacts. Then, make notes, and track jobs, cases and invoices all in one place.

Accounting & Overview

Track invoices, view account aging and save your services as products for quick invoicing.

Share jobs

Invite law firms and process servers to share jobs in ServeManager.

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