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Mobile App: Disable Routing

To disable the Routing feature in your app and only view your Job List, go to Account > Settings > Enable Routing (turn off the option to disable routing).

Invoice Bulk Options

Invoice bulk options You have several bulk options available to in ServeManager One of the most key bulk options items to understand is invoicing. If you go Invoices, you can filter down your invoices however you’d like to and then select the boxes by each invoice number. Bulk options enables you to complete a multitude […]

Bulk Unarchive Jobs

How to Unarchive Multiple Jobs This will help speed up your workflow even further when using ServeManager! You can learn more about additional bulk options for your Jobs list, here.

Bulk Options – Jobs

Bulk Options help you update multiple Jobs at once. From Jobs, select the necessary jobs with the checkbox tool next to each job number. After making your selection, press “Bulk Options” You have the following options to choose from:

ServeManager Glossary

Terms you will see around ServeManager and what they mean


Collaboration allows you to share information inside of ServeManager, specifically sharing jobs from one account to another. Collaboration allows one person to create a job and then assign it to someone in a different account. With collaboration, you, your clients, and your contractors can view real time updates and share information and documents all within […]

Coverage Area Selection Guide

The Coverage Area feature allows you to define the geographic region for your services, whether by county or zip code. This guide will take you through the process step-by-step.

Sharing Uploads

Our Email Sharing feature allows users to share job details with collaborators, co-workers, and more. To share job documentation, go to Jobs > Select your Job > Scroll down to your documents section and press share. After you have the share screen up, you can choose from the above options or type in an email […]


Server Pay’s new Payables feature allows users to create specific payables for their employee and contract servers. Payables can be created per employee/company, and you can even set a default account wide list of payables. Server Payables To create an Employee payable, go to My Account > Employees > Select the employee and press Edit. […]

Not Receiving Emails

It can be inconvenient when someone does not receive an email sent by you. Emails users send through ServeManager have a 99% deliver-ability rate, but sometimes land in a folder that someone may not be used to checking. Email clients have a variety of different ways to filter emails, much of this is out of […]

Updating Your Email Address

Updating your email address in ServeManager is a significant change. This guide shows how to update that address, as well as how to update the companies that may have that old address stored on their account. To edit your email address first select my account and then the edit button next to your name. On […]

Recording Personal Information

Most ServeManager affidavits call for a license number of the server assigned to the job. But if your affidavits are missing information for your contractors, then they will have to save that information themselves. The affidavit pulls the information of the server who actually performed the service. If that server is a contractor or an […]