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Recording Personal Information

Most ServeManager affidavits call for a license number of the server assigned to the job. But if your affidavits are missing information for your contractors, then they will have to save that information themselves. The affidavit pulls the information of the server who actually performed the service. If that server is a contractor or an employee of a contractor, then that information will need to be recorded in their account. This guide shows how to record that information.

On the Desktop

To edit your personal information you will first need to select My Account and then the edit button next to your name.

Here you’ll be able to add all of your personal information including your date of birth, license number and expiration. Once that information is saved, then that information will appear on affidavits you and your clients generate.

On the Mobile Site

At the bottom of every mobile site page is a link to My account:

Selecting this link will allow you to update and save your information.

Please note: Updating your personal email address, will update the email address you use to log into ServeManager with. If that address is updated, make a note and update where you save your logins.

As always if you have any questions about updating your information you can contact us.

  • Updated May 16, 2022

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