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Updating Your Email Address

Updating your email address in ServeManager is a significant change. This guide shows how to update that address, as well as how to update the companies that may have that old address stored on their account.

To edit your email address first select my account and then the edit button next to your name. On that page you can change your email address. When complete you can select the update button.

This will update the email address you use to log into ServeManager with. Be sure to make a note of the changed log in email address, and update any places where that log in address may be saved.

Updating Collaborators

While the above steps will update the email address in your own account, your collaborator’s accounts will not automatically update that address. Meaning if you do not notify your collaborators, or any other company you do business with, they may attempt to communicate with you through your old address.

You can use ServeManager to gather the contact email addresses of the companies you work with, in order to notify them that your email address has been updated.

First select companies from the left toolbar, and then the export spreadsheet link. This will download to your device a spreadsheet file containing the information of all the companies you work with. Open the spreadsheet and select and copy the primary contact email column. You can then compose a new email in your email client, and paste the email list into the blind carbon copy (bcc) field. Finally, you can compose an email to send to the companies you work with letting them know to update your email address. You can include this phrasing to assist those users:

“If you are using ServeManager, you can update our company information by selecting companies from the left toolbar, select our company from the list and then the edit button. You can update our information there on the edit company page.”

Even after updating and notifying the companies you do business with that your email address has changed, we still recommend keeping that old email address active. That email address could be listed in a number of places even outside of use in ServeManager. In order to ensure you are not missing any communication, keep that old email address active, but set up a forwarder for that inbox to forward mail to your current address. Email forwarders can be set up in your email client.

As always, if you or any of your clients have any issues updating information, please reach out to us.

  • Updated May 16, 2022

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