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Mobile App: Sorting and Filtering

Tap the Job Filter button located next to the Search Bar to apply filters to your job list. Job Boards Job State Jobs Service Status Due Date Attempts Job Status Affidavit Invoice Server Creator Pressing Apply will filter your job list with the selected filters, press Reset to cancel your selections and revert back to […]

Minimum Spec Requirements for the Mobile App (Recommended)

iOSApple has great support for their array of iPhones, and most recent ones (given that no settings are heavily tweaked) should not have (or experience fewer) issues using the app. Minimum OS requirement: iOS 17Minimum Phone requirement: iPhone XR Suggested Phone: iPhone 13 lineupReason: We don’t know when Apple will drop the X lineup from […]

Mobile App: Create a Service Attempt

Press the New Attempt button to begin creating a service attempt. (Make sure you have the proper job selected so you don’t accidentally create a service attempt for the wrong job. Verify the job you’re creating a new attempt for by using the job number, recipient name, or the job’s assigned client. You can use […]

Downloading the Mobile App