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Mobile App: Create a Service Attempt

Press the New Attempt button to begin creating a service attempt. (Make sure you have the proper job selected so you don’t accidentally create a service attempt for the wrong job. Verify the job you’re creating a new attempt for by using the job number, recipient name, or the job’s assigned client. You can use the search bar or map view to locate the job prior to creating the new attempt.)

On the new attempt screen, you can verify the date and time of service and make alterations as needed (the attempt automatically displays your current date and time).

Attempt Descriptions can be added, either by typing out a new description or selecting from any saved attempt descriptions in your account.

Attempt Location gives you two options:

  • Update with current GPS: Great for refreshing the attempt’s gps if you started creating the attempt before reaching the service address, that way it reflects your proximity to the service address upon completing the attempt.
  • Update GPS and save for later: perfect for updating your gps while at the location and then saving the attempt draft to finish at a later time, if you are worried about your safety when at the service address.

Confirm the service address or enter a new service address if the address is different than the initial address added to the job.

Capture a Photo: Users can capture a photo in-app or choose a photo from their device’s photo gallery.

Select Service Type: Service types are required before saving the attempt, choose your service type from the Unsuccessful or Successful service type list.

Email & Share: Confirm which contacts are selected to receive the notification email for the attempt, as well as confirming visibility options when creating attempts for collaborated jobs to ensure your client and/or contractor can view the attempt in ServeManager.

After confirming the above attempt details, press the Checkmark Symbol in the top right corner to save the attempt. If you are missing any of the necessary details, ServeManager won’t let you save the attempt until finishing the necessary details.

Pressing the Cancel button in the top right will give you options to save the attempt as a draft, discard the attempt, or keep editing.

  • Updated Feb 12, 2024

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