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Using the overview page

The Overview tab displays different sets of data based on your account’s jobs, invoices, and other qualifiers (note: only owners and admin employees have the ability to view the overview page).


Here is a breakdown of each dataset:

  • Created (Total Jobs Created)
  • Due (Total Jobs Due)
  • Attempts (Total Attempts Made)
  • Served (Successfully Served Jobs)
  • Attempts Per Job (Average Number Of Attempts Saved)
  • Issued (Total Invoices Issued)
  • Paid (Total Amount Paid Out)
  • Total Balance Due (Total Balance Still Owed)

Each dataset will display ranges of information based on date intervals (e.g. total attempts made last year, number of jobs created this month, etc.)

You have the ability to click each subset to jump to the respective section of ServeManager to see what filters were put in place to find that piece of data.

The Overview page can be a powerful tool for analyzing business progression over different periods of time.

  • Updated Aug 19, 2020

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