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Export spreadsheets

You can export the following types of data as spreadsheets in .csv format:

  • Jobs
  • Attempts
  • Companies
  • Invoices
  • Payments
  • Server Payables

By default, all information displayed in the list of jobs/attempts/companies/invoices/payments/payables will be exported for the spreadsheet.

The filter system and search bar can be used to modify which information is displayed in the export.

Opening a specific company allows you to view only their jobs, invoices or server pay if they are a contractor. You can export spreadsheets from these sections.

Opening a specific court case allows you to view all jobs and export.

Opening a specific court allows you to view all jobs and export.

Exports are automatically downloaded to your computer and can be redownloaded from the Downloads tab. Additionally, there is a link to view each spreadsheet in an HTML link as an alternative to downloading.

  • Updated Jun 9, 2022

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