Category: Jobs

Create your first job

Get started in ServeManager by creating your first job.

Order Forms

New clients can enter a job from your website.

Log a service attempt

Log a service attempt from your desktop or mobile device.

Delete a job

Learn how to delete jobs in ServeManager.

Address Labels

Steps on how to create an Address Label page when mass printing job documents.

Private Notes

Learn how to use Private Notes in your workflow.

Collaboration Visibility

Modify visibility options for job updates.

Handling Bad Addresses

When you come across a ServeManager job with a bad address you will want to be sure you are handling that job correctly. You can find attempts saved with bad addresses, by selecting the horizontal attempts tab. From here, you can filter by the “Bad Address” attempt type, and then select the job number to […]

Create a route

Follow these steps to create a route with detailed turn-by-turn directions for multiple service addresses.

How job numbers work

Job numbers are assigned consecutively across all ServeManager accounts, which means they may not be consecutive within your account, but they will always be sequential and greater than the previous job number.