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Create your first job

Get started in ServeManager by creating your first job.

Log a Service Attempt

Log a service attempt from your desktop or mobile device.

Order Forms

New clients can enter a job from your website.

Add A Note To Multiple Jobs

Learn how to use our mass note feature.

Save An Attempt To Multiple Jobs

Learn how to use our mass attempt feature to save an attempt for multiple jobs at once.

Bulk Options – Jobs

Bulk Options help you update multiple Jobs at once. From Jobs, select the necessary jobs with the checkbox tool next to each job number. After making your selection, press “Bulk Options” You have the following options to choose from:

Job Sorting Options

These new sorting options will help you format and arrange your jobs based on your preferred method. To start sorting, go to your Jobs Index. In the right corner above the list, you will see a new box for Sorting Options. Select the Sorting option you would prefer. Clicking the option twice will reverse the sorting order […]

Job Filters

Use filters to locate/isolate/group together jobs in your account based on various criteria

Collaboration Visibility

Modify visibility options for job updates.

Handling Bad Addresses

When you come across a ServeManager job with a bad address you will want to be sure you are handling that job correctly. You can find attempts saved with bad addresses, by selecting the horizontal attempts tab. From here, you can filter by the “Bad Address” attempt type, and then select the job number to […]

Create a Custom Job Board

Create your first Job Board To get started, go to My Account > Settings > Job Boards. Press the Manage button to view a list of all created job boards. Press New Job Board to create a new Board. When making a new Job Board, a user can give it a title and select a set of filters that get chosen whenever they select […]