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How job numbers work

Job numbers are assigned consecutively across all ServeManager accounts, which means they may not be consecutive within your account, but they will always be sequential and greater than the previous job number.

There are several benefits to this:

  • It’s easier for all parties to provide customer support, because everyone is referencing the same job number.
  • Multiple companies collaborating on a shared job are referencing the same job number.
  • Invoice numbers are always the same as their job number.

Non-consecutive job numbers may seem odd at first, but it quickly becomes a non-issue once members get used to it.

Client job number

If your client has their own job number, you can enter that in the Client Job Number field on new jobs.

You can also use this field to enter your own job number if you prefer to use your own method of numbering jobs.

The client job number can be searched using the Jobs search field.

  • Updated Mar 1, 2021

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