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Mobile App: Add GPS Watermark To Photos

Go to Account > Settings > Enable GPS Watermark When capturing a new photo for your attempt, your gps location will be displayed directly onto the captured photo.

Use An Electronic Signature

Enable the electronic signature account setting, so employees can save and apply their own signatures.

Downloading the Mobile App

Job Types / Service Types

To create a new job type, go to your Account Settings (My Account > Settings) in your manage list, you’ll see the option for Job & Service Types.  After clicking Manage, you’ll be on your job and service type page, where you can view all types in your account. By default, you will see the Standard types, ServeManager’s […]

Archive multiple jobs

Archive multiple jobs from the job list.

Add A Note To Multiple Jobs

Learn how to use our mass note feature.

Contractors Can’t Upload Miscellaneous Attachments

Guide for contractors/employee servers on adding misc. attachments to jobs.

Save An Attempt To Multiple Jobs

Learn how to use our mass attempt feature to save an attempt for multiple jobs at once.

Invoice Bulk Options

Invoice bulk options You have several bulk options available to in ServeManager One of the most key bulk options items to understand is invoicing. If you go Invoices, you can filter down your invoices however you’d like to and then select the boxes by each invoice number. Bulk options enables you to complete a multitude […]

Bulk Unarchive Jobs

How to Unarchive Multiple Jobs This will help speed up your workflow even further when using ServeManager! You can learn more about additional bulk options for your Jobs list, here.