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Server Pay’s new Payables feature allows users to create specific payables for their employee and contract servers. Payables can be created per employee/company, and you can even set a default account wide list of payables.

Server Payables

To create an Employee payable, go to My Account > Employees > Select the employee and press Edit.

Once you’re in the edit screen of an employee you can scroll down to Server Payables.

From there, you can add a new payable and label it respectively.

Once you’ve saved your changes, you will be able to select your newly created server payable.

Company Payables

To create a Company payable, go to Companies > Select the company and press Edit.

Once you’re in the edit screen, scroll until you find Server Payables.

Here you can choose a default payable as well as create new ones.

Account-Wide Payables

First you must go into My Account, from there you will select Settings.

Once you’re in Settings, scroll down until you see Server Pay and select manage.

This will take you to the Account-Wide Payables screen, where you can set different rates respectively.

  • Updated Jun 13, 2022

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