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Add a job intake form to your website

The ServeManager order form allows *new clients to submit their job from a link on your website, which creates the job in your ServeManager account. It’s perfect for new and pro se clients.

Clients can enter all of the details, and upload the documents to be served.

Once submitted, you will receive an email notification of the new job.

Please contact customer support to get started. Setup fee may apply.

Types of order forms

Standard order form

This form does not require or allow the client to prepay. You will need to invoice the client through ServeManager, however you can still collect payment online from the invoice.

Example of standard order form

Prepay order form

This form requires the client to prepay through Stripe (more info about Stripe). Clients will be able to choose from a list of services you offer, each at a different price point.

Example of prepay order form

*Collaborating with clients

To receive jobs from clients you’ve previously added to ServeManager, invite them to collaborate, so they can enter jobs directly into ServeManager. This will prevent the creation of duplicate client companies in your account.

  • Updated Aug 19, 2020

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