Log a service attempt

Desktop version

Go to the Jobs menu and open an existing job.

Click the New Attempt button (keyboard shortcut: the letter “A” is a hotkey for new attempts).

Next, enter the details of the service attempt including:

  • Process Server who made the attempt
  • Date & Time
  • Service Type
  • Description of Service
  • Recipient and their description
  • Service Address

Use the Email to checkboxes to select contacts who should receive an email notification.

If the job is shared with one or more collaborators, use the Visible to checkboxes to select which collaborators can view the attempt.

Once all information has been entered, click Save.

Mobile version

Find the job you’re serving, and press the New Attempt button.

mobile service attempt

If this is the first time you are creating a service attempt on the mobile version, you should receive a dialog asking permission to use your location.

Select OK or ALLOW, so ServeManager can access the GPS information of your current location which will be saved with the details of the service attempt.

If you’re collaborating with a client, they can log into ServeManager and view the attempt details and GPS information.

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