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Collaboration Visibility

When collaborating on jobs, users have the ability to modify the visibility of service attempts, affidavits, uploads, and notes in jobs that are shared between clients and/or contractors.

When initially creating the attempt, affidavit, or note; a checkbox will appear asking whether you want to make the update visible to either the client or contractor (if they are collaborating on the job).

Symbols will indicate whether the attempt/affidavit/note are visible to either collaborator in the job (if you are not collaborating with the client and/or contractor on the job, visual options will not be available).

In your Account Settings are options to determine which job updates are automatically visible or not to the client or contractor in shared jobs. You can always go back and modify the visibility after initially saving the update.

If your client or contractor are experiencing issues viewing updates directly in the job, ensure all visibility expectations are transparent and communicated and check to see if the specific update was marked visible or not.

  • Updated Jun 19, 2023

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