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Share Service Instructions

When you receive a job from a client that has service instructions, you will see those instructions as normal

When you edit the job, you will see those instructions as well as an editable box for your own instructions, you might see something like this if you were also forwarding the job to another server:


You can choose to forward the instructions from your client to your server, or only share the instructions you write to your server after saving, on the job it’ll have two boxes of instructions. one from your client and one from yourself:


The Collaborating Contractor would then see both instructions (if you opted to share the Client’s instructions):


Please note that ServeManager will not display your Collaborating Client’s company name to your Collaborating Contractor.

Additionally there is a new option in account settings visibility on whether or not to default those share options. (Whether to share your instructions you write up to the client by default, or whether or not to share your client’s instructions with your contractor by default)


Field Sheet Settings

In your Account Settings you now have the option to show/hide Client Instructions on the Job’s Field Sheet.

service instructions toggle

  • Updated Oct 3, 2022

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