Category: Troubleshooting

GPS isn’t showing up on attempts

Follow these steps if you're having an issue with GPS data and service attempts.

Stripe issues and support

If you have questions about a Stripe transaction or deposit, the fastest way to get help is to contact Stripe directly. If you want to add a payment button to your ServeManager invoices, and collect online payments from your clients, click here for instructions.

Affidavit prints small

If your affidavit is noticeably smaller than the 8.5" wide pdf, it's likely due to the Grammarly browser extension.

Contractors Can’t Upload Miscellaneous Attachments

Guide for contractors/employee servers on adding misc. attachments to jobs.

Delete a job

Learn how to delete jobs in ServeManager.

Update a court case or court location

Make modifications to court cases and court locations to update multiple jobs at once.

Collaborators can’t see miscellaneous attachments

Collaborators unable to view miscellaneous attachments? Learn how to fix this problem.