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Create invoices in Xero

By using Zapier, when you issue an invoice in ServeManager, the same invoice will then be automatically created in Xero.

To create this integration, you will need the following:

Once this information is collected you can begin building the integration by selecting this Zapier template.

Select the ServeManager account pull down menu and select the add a new account option.

In this generated window, enter your ServeManager API key that you requested. You can find your API key at the bottom of your settings page.

Once your account has been connected, you can then select the Sign in to Xero button, and enter your Xero login credentials. Once they have been entered, allow Zapier access to your Xero account.

Once access has been granted you can then select the Turn on Zap button to activate the integration.

Now when invoices are issued in ServeManager, the data will be transferred, and a new invoice will be created in your Xero account.

  • Updated Nov 22, 2021

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