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ServeManager Hotkeys

ServeManager is loaded with hotkeys. Most are easy to find. If you see a button that contains an underlined letter, just type that letter instead of clicking the button with your mouse.

Additional Hotkeys

These hotkeys are not underlined, but work by typing one ore more characters.

sSearch (moves cursor to the search field if the current page has a search field)
g jGo to Jobs
g cGo to Court Cases
g oGo to Companies
g iGo to Invoicing
g pGo to Server Pay
g sGo to My Account

Date & Time Fields

These fields make it easy to enter data quickly without reaching for the mouse, or you can select dates by using the Calendar as well.

Date / Time Hotkeys

You can Tab through these fields, or just type the date and time as it appears, using / and :, which moves the cursor to the next field the same way Tab does. Perfect for 10-key data entry.

/Next date field (works on time fields as well)
:Next time field (works on date fields as well)

Date / Time Shortcuts

When selecting the month, there are a few shortcuts that will fill out multiple fields at once.

TodaySelect today’s date. If you Tab into the month field, type t to select this option.
NowSelect the current date and time. If you Tab into the month field, type n to select this option.
SkipLeave the date/time fields blank and move to the next field or action. If you Tab into the month field, type s to select this option.

Computer Keyboard Shortcuts

These are computer (operating system) shortcuts that work in most programs.

Next or Previous Field 
TabNext input field
Shift + TabPrevious input field
Select All 
Ctrl + aSelect all text, files or folders
Copy and Paste 
Ctrl + cCopy text, files or folders
Ctrl + vPaste the previously copied text, files or folders
Undo and Redo 
Ctrl + zUndo the last action (e.g. undo deleted or entered text)
Ctrl + Shift + zRedo (revert) the last undo
Switch Windows 
Alt + TabSwitch to the last window/program, or cycle through and select a window.

Additional keyboard shortcuts: Windows  |  Mac

Browser Keyboard Shortcuts

These are specific to your browser, but typically work regardless of which browser you use.

Previous Page 
BackspaceSame as clicking the browser back button
Shift + BackspaceSame as clicking the browser forward button
Open or Close Tab 
Ctrl + tOpen a new tab in the browser
Ctrl + wClose the current tab
Ctrl + Shift + tReopen the last tab (handy if you accidentally closed a tab or page)
Refresh the Page 
F5Same as clicking the browser refresh button
Zoom In or Out 
Ctrl + +Zoom in (text and images will appear larger)
Ctrl + -Zoom out
Ctrl + 0Reset the zoom to 100%
  • Updated Dec 7, 2022

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