Category: Customization

Request a custom proof or affidavit

We can make changes to our affidavit templates, or we can build custom documents as needed.

Order Forms

New clients can enter a job from your website.

Integrate with third-party apps using Zapier

Automate repetitive tasks, and integrate with third-party sites and API's using Zapier.

Private Notes

Learn how to use Private Notes in your workflow.

Company Listings

Once you have entered a company into your ServeManager account, you can recall that company information by selecting companies from your left toolbar and then choosing the company in question from that list. When you select a company listing, you’ll open a page that displays all of the information you have entered for a particular […]

Adding a Company Contact

Company contacts allow you to email updates to an individual that is not a member of your company. So if you would like to send someone that is not your employee an update about a note, attempt or affidavit, you can add them as a contact. To Add a contact, select companies from the left […]

Using our API

ServeManager has a robust developer API which can be used to integrate with your system, a client’s, or third-party applications. Detailed instructions can be found in our API Documentation, and you can generate your own API key by following this guide.

Upload Company Attachments

How to upload attachments into a company entry.

Request changes to the field sheet

We can make some changes to the field sheet. Please contact customer support to request updates.

Request changes to the invoice or statement

We can make some changes to invoices and statements. Please contact customer support to request updates.

Add a logo to the invoice

We can add a logo to your invoice on request. Please contact customer support, and they will assist you in this matter.