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Integrate with third-party apps using Zapier

You can automate numerous tasks using the Zapier integration. These are just a few examples:

  • Create Google Calendar events for job due dates
  • Send text message notifications for new jobs
  • Text your client when a job is served
  • And many more…

Generate Your ServeManager API KEY

You can generate your own API key for each integration. We recommend not reusing the same API key across services. You can generate an API key by following this guide.

Create free Zapier account

After receiving your ServeManager API key you need to create a free Zapier account.

From the Zapier Dashboard search for ServeManager in the Connect this app field.

You’ll see a list of popular Zaps, or you can search for a specific app. These are existing Zap templates you can use right away.

Choosing one of these Zaps will prompt you to login to each service. For ServeManager, it will ask for your API key.

Visit our Zapier Page to see a few examples of possible integrations you can set up with ServeManager.

  • Updated Sep 14, 2022

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