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Accept/Decline Workflow

To enable this workflow, go to My Account > Settings > Enable Job Accept Workflow. This will require contract servers to accept or decline new jobs before starting work. You can also choose the option “By default, require the contractor servers to accept or decline on new jobs.” This means that the option will be automatically […]

Create a Custom Job Board

Create your first Job Board To get started, go to My Account > Settings > Job Boards. Press the Manage button to view a list of all created job boards. Press New Job Board to create a new Board. When making a new Job Board, a user can give it a title and select a set of filters that get chosen whenever they select […]


ServeManager Hotkeys ServeManager is loaded with hotkeys. Most are easy to find. If you see a button that contains an underlined letter, just type that letter instead of clicking the button with your mouse. Additional Hotkeys These hotkeys are not underlined, but work by typing one ore more characters. Shortcut Description s Search (moves cursor to the search field if the […]

Share Service Instructions

When you receive a job from a client that has service instructions, you will see those instructions as normal When you edit the job, you will see those instructions as well as an editable box for your own instructions, you might see something like this if you were also forwarding the job to another server: […]

Address Labels

Steps on how to create an Address Label page when mass printing job documents.

Collaboration Visibility

Modify visibility options for job updates.

Update a court case or court location

Make modifications to court cases and court locations to update multiple jobs at once.