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GPS isn’t showing up on attempts

Follow these steps if you're having an issue with GPS data and service attempts.

How To Access The Mobile Site

There's no app to install, because the mobile version of ServeManager is an online application just like our desktop website (

Create your first job

Get started in ServeManager by creating your first job.

Accept online payments

ServeManager integrates with Stripe, so you can accept online payments from your customers on invoices and statements.

Request a custom proof or affidavit

We can make changes to our affidavit templates, or we can build custom documents as needed.

Log a Service Attempt

Log a service attempt from your desktop or mobile device.

Order Forms

New clients can enter a job from your website.

Apply a payment to multiple invoices

Learn how to apply payments to more than one invoice by selecting multiple invoices for a specific client.

Take a credit card over the phone

First, your ServeManager account must be connected to Stripe to accept credit card payments. Once your account is connected to Stripe, the easiest, fastest and safest way to take credit card payments is to have your customers pay online directly from your ServeManager invoice or statement. To take a payment over the phone, open the […]

Save credit card info

When your clients pay by credit card, they can check the Remember Me checkbox, so they don’t have to enter their credit card details for subsequent transactions. Future transactions will prompt them to enter their mobile phone number for verification. Your clients can edit the card on file at anytime. Stripe will store the most […]

Change an “Issued” invoice to a “Draft”

Open the invoice, then select Edit. At the top right, select and clear the date field, then Save. Updating multiple invoices Go to the Companies menu, select a company, then select their Invoices tab. Use the checkboxes to select one or more invoices from the list, click the Options dropdown, and select Issue. Click Clear to […]