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Adding a Company Contact

Company contacts allow you to email updates to an individual that is not a member of your company. So if you would like to send someone that is not your employee an update about a note, attempt or affidavit, you can add them as a contact. To Add a contact, select companies from the left […]


Collaboration allows you to share information inside of ServeManager, specifically sharing jobs from one account to another. Collaboration allows one person to create a job and then assign it to someone in a different account. With collaboration, you, your clients, and your contractors can view real time updates and share information and documents all within […]

Handling Bad Addresses

When you come across a ServeManager job with a bad address you will want to be sure you are handling that job correctly. You can find attempts saved with bad addresses, by selecting the horizontal attempts tab. From here, you can filter by the “Bad Address” attempt type, and then select the job number to […]

Not Receiving Emails

It can be inconvenient when someone does not receive an email sent by you. Emails users send through ServeManager have a 99% deliver-ability rate, but sometimes land in a folder that someone may not be used to checking. Email clients have a variety of different ways to filter emails, much of this is out of […]

Updating Your Email Address

Updating your email address in ServeManager is a significant change. This guide shows how to update that address, as well as how to update the companies that may have that old address stored on their account. To edit your email address first select my account and then the edit button next to your name. On […]

Recording Personal Information

Most ServeManager affidavits call for a license number of the server assigned to the job. But if your affidavits are missing information for your contractors, then they will have to save that information themselves. The affidavit pulls the information of the server who actually performed the service. If that server is a contractor or an […]

Private Notes

Learn how to use Private Notes in your workflow.

Adding a Company

Steps on adding a new Company to your Companies menu.

Company Listings

Once you have entered a company into your ServeManager account, you can recall that company information by selecting companies from your left toolbar and then choosing the company in question from that list. When you select a company listing, you’ll open a page that displays all of the information you have entered for a particular […]

Create invoices in Quickbooks Online

Use Zapier to add new ServeManager invoices to Quickbooks Online.

Create invoices in Freshbooks

Use Zapier to add new ServeManager invoices to FreshBooks.

Create invoices in Xero

Use Zapier to add new ServeManager invoices to Xero.